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Ukrainian Temporary Residence Permit is the document, issued to foreigners, which gives you opportunities to immigrate, live and work in Ukraine during the entire time of the document validity.

Anyone arriving in Ukraine with the intention of staying longer than the validity of a tourist visa requires a permit. This must be requested from and issued by the Ukrainian authorities in Ukraine, you will arrive to Ukraine on an invitation visa based on company formation.

The permit is different to the standard visa in that it allows the holder to begin the residency application process. This allows you to pursue business activity, purchase property and reside in Ukraine.

Legal Baltic specialists can assist you to prepare all necessary documents needed to obtain a Temporary Residence Permit in Ukraine, based on Company formation and employment as director. Legal Baltic consultants will answer all questions related with business, residence in Ukraine and procedures in order to obtain it.

To obtain residence permit in Spain

Citizens of non-EU countries wishing to stay in Ukraine for more than three months must apply for a Residency Permit Card within 30 days of arriving in the country.

The application must be made at the Foreigner’s Office, however in order to do this the company must already be created and a Ukrainian Identification Number (tax number) must be already obtained.

Once the application for a residence permit has been made, a stamped copy of the application is issued; the Residence Card should be issued within one and a half to two months. This is the most effective and reliable way to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine for Citizens of non-EU countries.

Bringing your family to Spain with you?

Family members of the applicant who has legally been in Ukraine for one year and has a residence permit for one more year, may apply for a family regrouping visa. In this case your spouse and minor children (under 18) will obtain a residence permit for the same period which your residence permit card is given for and will immigrate to Ukraine together with you. (For example, spouse, common law partner, and dependents, including children under 18 and parents over 65) to join you in Ukraine.

If you want to apply at the same time with a family member who is of legal age, it is recommended to follow the steps of company creation and employment but for more than one applicant, which would mean that your documents would be processed simultaneously and you would be eligible to travel together.

It takes time, effort and money to prepare all needed documents for family reunification, but Legal Baltic managers and consultants will help you to prepare and collect the necessary documents.

Permanent residence permit to live in Spain

Long-term residence is granted for an unlimited period. A foreigner does not have to be a family member of a citizen of Ukraine in order to have the right to submit an application for this kind of residence. To receive a Permanent Residence Permit in Ukraine, the applicant must live meet certain criteria. Simply having a residence permit for 5 or 10 years does not make you eligible. Please contact us for more detail about Permanent residence in Ukraine.

Apply for Temporary Residence Permit in Ukraine with us and you will be able to work, do business and live in Ukraine freely.

Lawyers of Legal Baltic advise and help to collect all the documents necessary for your residence visa and residence permit in Ukraine. Contact us and we will help you to choose the most convenient version meeting your expectations!

We will provide you with full support, taking into account all your individual requirements. Our services in Ukraine are provided under contract in compliance with the laws of Ukraine. Do not hesitate to contact us if you should be interested.

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