Residence Permit in Slovakia

Do you intend to immigrate and start business in Slovakia, study or need reunion with your family?
Let us help you with it. We help EU and none-EU individuals and entrepreneurs to obtain residence permit in Slovakia. A temporary residence entitles you to stay in the territory of the Slovak Republic and travel abroad and back within the period for which it was granted. It is always granted for only one specific purpose and only exceptionally entitles you to perform other activities as well.

Legal Baltic offer services by assisting you to receive the Residence Permit in the Slovak Republic on the basis of lawful activity (business registration) that allows you live and work in this country and thus freely move throughout the other countries belonging to EU and Schengen Agreement. Our company specialists can assist you to prepare all the necessary documents aiming to get Slovakian Residence Permit on the grounds of lawful activity (company registration).

For the implementation of business immigration to Slovakia, are required for this reason. For example, to register a company out there, the most popular option - sro (Ltd.) or open zivnost (entrepreneur). You can buy ready-made business from Legal Baltic or to organize everything from scratch. The fact that acting as a director of the company or engage in business activities in Slovakia can only foreigner having at least a residence permit.

Therefore, the presence of these bases (sro, zivnost) allows you to apply for a residence permit In Slovakia, the submission of documents for residence permit takes place immediately after registration. And while the principal applicant apply, all the members of his family may apply together at the same time (including dependent parents).

The whole period from the decision to obtain a residence permit card takes 3 months. For the first time temporary residence may be granted for various periods depending on the purpose for which it was granted and may be extended repeatedly.

How Do We Get Your Residence Permit in Slovakia?

There are several ways to obtain a residence permit in Slovakia for foreign persons.

The most common and affordable is - by sole trader or by registering a new company, and employment.

Currently Legal Baltic offers 3 ways to obtain a temporary residence permit in Slovakia for non-EU citizens:

✔ Slovakia residence permit through sole trader
✔ Slovakia residence permit through establishing a company
✔ Slovakia residence permit through the work permit

How Does Procedure Look Like?

Legal Baltic offers residence permit in Slovakia by registering a new company on behalf of the applicant. Or, you can buy an already established company in Slovakia. One limited liability company can include 1 -3 shareholders.

 We will provide you full support for your company in Slovakia, taking into account all your individual requirements. Our experts will register your company and prepare all required documents to obtain temporary residence permit, then we will send all original documents by the registered post to your home address.

 Then You have to book an appointment in Slovakian embassy in your country and apply for temporary residence permit in the embassy. ( when you will be fully prepared )

 The decision in the Migration Department of Slovakia will be made within 90 days after you submit your temporary residence permit request. When the decision is made, you will have to go back to embassy and apply for the Slovakian national visa.

After that you will have to come to Bratislava and with the help of Legal Baltic experts, you will do your medical check and order and pick up your temporary residence permit card.

We Will Take Care of Your Temporary Residence Permit Renewal

At the termination of that period (at least, 2 - 4 months before the end of the current existing Slovakian Temporary Residence Permit) you are required to refer to the Migration Department of Slovakia for the Residence Permit renewal / extension.

Legal Baltic experts have been working in this field for a long time. So, we will prepare all necessary documents. Our experience and close work with the Migration Department of Slovakia will let you extend your residence permit in Slovakia without any problems and you will save your time and money and you can further reside in Slovakia.

Bringing Your Family to Slovakia with you?

If you have got a residence permit in Slovakia you are entitled for family reunification. In this case your spouse and minor children (under 18) will obtain a residence permit the same period which your residence permit card is given for and will immigrate to Slovakia together with you. So, who exactly from the potential immigrants, linked by ties of kinship can apply for a residence permit on the bases of family reunification : A spouse not younger 18 years old; A minor child; A dependent child from 18-25 years old unable to take care of himself for health.

They will have to provide only standard documents for immigration to Slovakia – an application form, photos, passport copies, copy of birth certificate and prove that they have enough money to live in Slovakia.

Usually, if a person has already a TRP and works in a Slovakian company or has its own savings in the bank account it is enough to show for Slovakian Migration Department. Moreover, the family can also arrive and visit the family member, with visitor visa.

It takes time, effort and money to prepare all needed documents for family reunification, but our managers and consultants will help you to prepare and collect the necessary documents to the family members to come and successfully enter the university or school quickly, at an affordable price, without stress and not putting off the entrepreneur from his/her direct work.

We will recommend few kindergartners, which you can select on your own discretion. Also we can offer Slovakian language lessons in collaboration with the universities, moreover we will give all needful information for successful and perspective spill into the new society.
Permanent Residence Permit to live in Slovakia

Long-term residence is granted for an unlimited period. A foreigner does not have to be family member of citizen of Slovakia to have the right to submit an application for this kind of residence. To receive a Permanent Residence Permit in Slovakia, the Client must live continuously in Slovakia for 5 years. You can obtain the Slovakian Passport after 10 years of living in Slovakia.

Lawyers of Legal Baltic advise and help to collect all the documents necessary for the Sole trader registration in Slovakia and registration of your company and to get your work permit in Slovakia, as well as for its future activities on the territory of Slovakia. All the steps Legal Baltic agreed with a customer, so they could be confident in the result.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you should be interested in obtaining Slovakia residence permit. The Slovakia residence permit possibilities are very flexible and can be considered as one of the best for non-EU citizens who would like to get access to the EU and the Schengen zone.

Obtaining residence for foreigners in Slovakia is quite a complex process and is linked with other necessary services. Whether obtaining a trade license or setting up a company. We save your costs. With residence permit in the SR relationship with our clients does not end. Our Law Office will also support you in other activities in Slovakia. 
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