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Residence permit in Estonia is the document, issued to a citizen of the non-EU country, which gives foreigner opportunities to live and work in Estonia and Schengen area countries, during the entire time of the document validity. Estonian Temporary Residence Permit allowing you to immigrate, live and work in Estonia and thus freely move through the Schengen area countries.

Currently the best way to acquire a residence permit in Estonia is via business immigration to Estonia. If you are going to do business in Estonia, we would be glad to assist you in getting residence permit in Estonia.

We will help you to prepare all necessary documents to establish a company and the branch and apply for a residence permit in Estonia. Legal Baltic consultants will answer all questions related with business and residence in Estonia and procedures in order to obtain it.

How Do We Get Your Residence Permit in Estonia?

There are several ways to obtain a residence permit in Estonia for foreign persons. The most common and affordable is - by registering a new company and the branch, and employment.

Before starting all the initial process you need to register an Estonian company or the branch of your current company or to buy already existing registered company in Estonia.

Currently Legal Baltic offer 2 ways to obtain a temporary residence permit in Estonia for non-EU citizens:

✔ Estonia residence permit through establishing a company
✔ Estonia residence permit through the work permit

Residence Permit in Estonia Through Establishing a Company

Non-EU citizens owning shares in an Estonian company and that can support themselves are allowed to apply for an Estonian residence permit for business. The company must be registered with the Estonian Trade Register.

This application must contain the enterprise’s business plan and its formation and operating documents. Moreover, if the applicant has a holding in a company, the applicant must have at least 65,000 EUR invested in business in Estonia. Similarly, if the applicant will be the sole proprietor of the enterprise, at least 16,000 EUR is required to be invested into business in Estonia.

Once the application is approved, the investor receives the temporary residence permit and can relocate to Estonia to live and work for the enterprise (a spouse and minor children are eligible to accompany the investor).

The initial validity period of the temporary residence permits is five years, and the permits may be extended if the enterprise has generated a sales revenue of at least 200,000 EUR each year or if the Estonian monthly social tax that is paid to employees equals five times the Estonian yearly average wage.

In short, the residence permit can be obtained if the company has real business activities in Estonia, salaries and taxes are being paid regularly and the applicant has a registered place of residence in the population register of Estonia.

Residence Permit in Estonia through the work permit

You can apply for a temporary residence permit for employment to work for a locally registered employer. If you come to Estonia to do research, an institution entered into the register of research and development organizations must be involved.

In most cases you have to apply for the permit in person at an Estonian representation abroad. When your short-term employment has been registered in prior, you can also apply for the permit at the Police and Border Guard Board.

After document submission on the basis of work permit in Estonia, the decision on Estonian Temporary Residence Permit will be issued during the two months or even faster.

Once your residency permit for employment is granted, you’ll receive a temporary residence card within 60 days after submitting the application document. (The application process of the residency permit for employment may last up to 2 months from the acceptance of the application)

What is the Procedure?

Legal Baltic offers residence permit in Estonia by registering a new company and work permit on behalf of the applicant. Or, you can buy an already established company in Estonia. One limited liability company can include 1 -3 shareholders.

✔ We will help you to prepare all necessary documents to establish a company and apply for a residence permit in Estonia. Legal Baltic consultants will answer all questions related with business and residence in Estonia and procedures in order to obtain it.

✔ If you do not have an appropriate visa – we will make a business invitation for an Estonian visa and you have to apply for an Estonian visa in the nearest Estonian embassy.

✔ After that you will have to come to Estonian Migration Department to submit your file. Right after submission of Estonian temporary residence permit request, our experts will obtain your temporary right to stay in Estonia. That's way during your case process you will be allowed to stay in Estonia even if your current visa expires. The decision on Estonian Temporary Residence Permit will be issued during 60 days or even faster.

We Will Take Care of Your Temporary Residence Permit Renewal

At the termination of that period (at least, 2-4 months before the end of the current existing Estonia Temporary Residence Permit) you are required to refer to the Migration Department of Estonia for the Residence Permit renewal / extension.

Legal Baltic experts have been working in this field for a long time. So, we will prepare all necessary documents. Our experience and close work with the Migration Department of Estonia will let you extend your residence permit in Estonia without any problems and you will save your time and money and you can further reside in Estonia.

Bringing Your Family to Estonia with you?

If a company’s shareholder has already a TRP, he can bring his family members: wife and kids under 18 years they can automatically apply for a Temporary Residence Permit in Estonia. They will have to provide only standard documents for immigration to Estonia – an application form, photos, passport copies, copy of birth certificate and prove that they have enough money to live in Estonia.

Usually, if a person has already a TRP and works in an Estonian company or has its own savings in the bank account it is enough to show for Estonian Migration Department. Moreover, the family can also arrive and visit the family member, with visitor visa.

It takes time, effort and money to prepare all needed documents for family members entering the European Union, but our managers and consultants will help you to prepare and collect the necessary documents to the family members to come and successfully enter the university or school quickly, at an affordable price, without stress and not putting off the entrepreneur from his/her direct work.

We will recommend few kindergartners, which you can select on your own discretion. Also we can offer Estonian language lessons in collaboration with the universities, moreover we will give all needful information for successful and perspective spill into the new society.
Permanent Residence Permit to live in Estonia

To receive a Permanent Residence Permit in Estonia, the Client must live continuously in Estonia for 5 years, pay taxes, and pass an Estonian language exam. You can obtain the Estonian Passport after 10 years of living in Estonia.

Apply for Temporary Residence Permit in Estonia with us and you will be able to work, do business and live in Estonia freely. Moreover, with an Estonian residence permit you can travel through whole Schengen area visa free.

Lawyers of Legal Baltic advise and help to collect all the documents necessary for the registration of your company and to get your work permit, as well as for its future activities on the territory of Estonia. All the steps Legal Baltic agreed with a customer, so they could be confident in the result.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you should be interested in obtaining a Estonian residence permit. The Estonian residence permit posibilities are very flexible and can be considered as one of the best for non-EU citizens who would like to get access to the EU and the Schengen zone.

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