Europe immigration opportunities

Europe immigration - opportunities and risks

Europe immigration - these two simple words mean new opportunities for some, for others - headaches and challenges for managing the fast-moving inflow of newly arrived people.

But the challenge is always an opportunity. According to experts, well-managed immigration in Europe would bring great benefits not only to those arriving in Europe, but also to the old continent and its inhabitants:

✔ The median age of its inhabitants will be relatively lower and it will increase the competitiveness of the job market, assurance of acceptable level of pensions during the old age, economic dynamism;

By accepting with tolerance and understanding people of other cultures and religions, Europe could offset the fear of loss of identity by deepening ties among its current inhabitants;

✔ National isolationism and "wall-building" could be suppressed by increased, more active and, most importantly, closer monitoring of the external borders of the EU by the public;

✔ The populist upsurge of nationalist parties could be offset by the fairness of the openness of traditional parties, the active public debate and the reform of the EU and national governments aimed at reducing bureaucracy;

✔ Having managed and succeeded in solving immigration problems, the European Union would increase its prestige in the global political space. It would also earn more confidence with the third-world population.

Europe and immigration - why is it relevant today?

However, the flow of immigrants to European countries is not decreasing but growing. Europe and immigration still seems to be the only way to survive for third-country nationals. The reasons why this is happening are many:

✔ Poor economic situation in the country (high unemployment, high prices, low wages and pensions, etc.);

✔ Unsafe environment and growing crime in the country (military actions, attacks by various groups, corrupt judicial system, etc.);

✔ Low level of medical services (shortage of qualified medical staff and medical institutions, deficiency of the necessary drugs and equipment, etc.);

✔ The absence of prospects in their own country (this is especially true for young people who are planning to study or are already studying, looking for work, etc.).
And what do foreigners that come to the old in Europe find? Why do the words Europe and Immigration seem to be the only recipe for changing and improving the quality of life? Of course, Europe in particular means the hope of a better and safer life. In addition, there are other reasons why the developed European countries are luring immigrants from third countries:

✔ The ability to claim and obtain citizenship after several years of staying in the country (in fact, it takes a different time in different countries);

✔ High-quality and modern medical services, qualified medical staff, the possibility to easily purchase the necessary medications;

✔ Visa-free travel in Europe, and more specifically in the Schengen area;

✔ The opportunity to start or develop a business in a safe economic environment with favorable credit and taxation conditions;

✔ Employment opportunities;

✔ The opportunity to let their children study in high-quality European institutions.

Europe immigration - which country is most attractive?

Since departure to Europe is a huge expense, this should be done very carefully when choosing a country. You should not go to live in a foreign country simply by hearing two words - Europe and immigration. Here are some things to look out for.

First of all, it is the standard of living. Of course, the higher it is, the more attractive life the country can offer to the foreigner. But do not be fooled, because a higher standard of living means both higher prices and higher taxes. Therefore, you should look for the most optimal option when choosing.

It is also important to draw attention to the mentality of Europeans - the more open-minded, deeply-tempered, and more sophisticated.  Such people in highly developed countries are often skeptical of the arrivals.

Another important criterion is the security conditions in the country. It is especially important if you emigrate with the whole family, because then you have to take care not only for your own safety, but also for your children. Therefore, when choosing a country, look at its crime statistics, focusing on public security, and so on.

Of course, one should pay some attention to the country's culture, customs, and public habits. After all, when staying in a foreign country, it is important that you have the opportunity to buy your favorite food, celebrate your holidays, and so on. For example, in Germany, on December 31st, they are climbing on chairs and when the New Year is comes they jump down from them, and in Greece it is customary to give the guest something of yours that he/she praised very much. So, think about whether you're ready for it ...

Europe immigration - which way to choose?

You can get a residence permit in Europe in many ways. Which one depends on your goals, your chosen country, etc. Here are some of the most popular:

  • A residence permit issued based on the acquisition of real estate in the European country;
  • Residence permit issued by investing in company shares, etc .;
  • Official employment in the country;
  • Marriage with a national citizen / citizen;
  • Residence permit issued upon establishing a business and opening of own company;
  • Higher education

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