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Legal Baltic professionals will helps you to register an Spanish company and advises you on the necessary operations. The most popular type of legal entity being set up by foreigners in Spain is sole trader (in Spanish “Empresario Individual or Autónomo”).

There is no need to visit Spain in order to establish a company in Spain. Everything can be arranged remotely based on a Power of Attorney. We will prepare a special Power of Attorney for you for that purpose. The only thing you are required to do is to obtain a notarial and, if applicable, apostilled certification for that proxy and send it to us by courier.

In order to finalize all agreements to get your opening a business in spain going, you will have to obtain and provide documentation to do so. One vital piece of information, which is needed in order to start, is your NIE number, or social security number for expats living and working in Spain. Here at Legal Baltic, we will obtain this number quickly and efficiently for you, meaning you can put aside your worries and relax in the comfort of your own home.

When opening a business in Spain, it is necessary to open a bank account. This process can be frustrating and time consuming, and at times may require a lot of queuing in various different places. We at Legal Baltic want you to have a completely stress-free experience, so will open your bank account on your behalf through a Power of Attorney in Spain, so you don´t have to lift a finger.

A newly registered company will have a registered bank account, company seal and all of the documents required to start doing business including a formed authorised capital. We also offer you an opportunity to purchase an Spanish company that is already established (ready-made).

If you intend to acquire a new company with the desired name and start a business in Spain the process of obtaining necessary documents will take up to 30 business days. The purchase procedure of a new company in Spain is the same as of an established one.

Start your company in Spain

Different forms of business entities in Spain

Empresario Individual or Autónomo

a sole trader

Sociedad Civil

a partnership

Sociedad Limitada

a limited liability

Sociedad Anonima

a public limited

Sociedad Limitada Nueva Empresa

a new enterprise limited

Comunidad de Bienes

a co-ownership

Sole trader (Empresario Individual Or Autónomo)

A foreign entrepreneur who is interested in doing business in Spain has the possibility of choosing to open a company in this country or perform his/her economic activity as a sole trader or empresario individual or autonomo (in Spanish). For setting up a sole trader, there is no need to deposit a minimum share capital or make an initial investment as you are required when opening a limited liability company or another type of company.

An individual who is registered as a sole trader has unlimited liability for the business he/she performs and this means that the person representing the sole trader is responsible for the debts the company will have in the future.

Our team of lawyers in Spain can provide legal assistance on the main characteristics of a sole trader, including the ones concerning its taxation and liability; our lawyers can provide legal representation in all the steps necessary for opening a sole trader in this country.

Every foreign citizen who wants to become a sole trader in Spain needs to obtain NIE (Numero de Identification de Extranjeros) – an identification number for foreigners. The persons who are not citizens of the European Union are required to obtain a self-employment work permit and a residence visa.

In Spain, the sole trader is divided into two main categories, namely the sole traders registered as empresarios individuales, and the independent professionals, known as profesionales autonomos in Spanish. Although there aren’t numerous distinctions between the two (they still have the same liability obligations and main characteristics), the difference is very important in terms of taxation, according to the tax system applied by the Spanish Tax Office (Agencia Tributaria)
Thus, when opening a sole trader in Spain, the applicant must select a specific category, which refers to the type of work that will be developed through this business entity, the owner’s profession and the commercial activity. This requirement has to be completed with the Spanish Social Security Office and with the Spanish Tax Office by selecting one of the codes that is most relevant to the business activity developed through the sole trader/independent professional

How to register a new company in Spain?

In order to register a new company in Spain, you do not need to come to our office. The only task for the client is just to use his imagination and create a name for his company.

We will prepare a special Power of Attorney for you for that purpose. The only thing you are required to do is to obtain a notarial and, if applicable, apostilled certification for that proxy and send it to us by courier.

For Your convenience, after registration process will be completed all the necessary company documents, records and stamp will be at your hands within a month at the latest. If you want to shorten the process time – please come to our office and pick up the company’s documents on the same day.

We will provide you full support for your company in Spain, taking into account all your individual requirements. Company Formation is provided under the contract in compliance with the laws of Spain.

If you´re managing your Spanish company, it can seem daunting trying to understand all of the different processes and legal terminology, and at times you just want to get going without these difficulties. We take pride in making this experience with your Spanish company run as smoothly as possible whilst offering complete support throughout and giving professional and comprehensive advice.

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