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Need help with your Spanish company? Every year, many people come to Spain pursuing their lifelong dreams of owning and running their own Spanish company, in one of the most thriving and versatile markets in Europe and the world.

Here at Legal Baltic we are dedicated to assisting you with any queries you have about your Spanish company. Whether you are looking to open or register a new company, are self-employed, looking to take part in a joint venture, or have any other queries regarding your Spanish company, Legal Baltic can assist you through the whole process.

Our company is able to provide legal assistance to you by establishing, registering and selling a new or ready-made company in Spain, even if you are not in Spain. Such provided assistance will help you to save time and money. We will start to prepare all the necessary documents for new company establishment and registration or ready-made company sale in Spain after the client orders our services.
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Sociedad limitada (S.L. - Limited Liability Company)

The most popular form of business in Spain is the private limited liability company (sociedad limitada laboral). The capital of the Spanish SL is divided into nontransferable shares and the liability of each member is limited by the contribution to the capital. A minimum share capital of EUR 3,000 must be deposited when opening a company in Spain.

All the decisions of the Spanish SL are taken by the general meeting of the shareholders which will appoint a director in order to make sure that the articles of association’s regulations are respected, prepare all the documents for the meetings and those which need to be delivered to the authorities and take all the daily decisions.

Public limited liability Company (sociedad anonima) in Spain

This type of company is a form of business which requires high amounts of capital and it is also known as the joint stock company. For opening this type of company in Spain, the investor needs to have at least 60,000 EUR as share capital (at least one quarter of this sum must be paid up before company registration in Spain).

The liability of the members incorporating a Spanish SA is limited by their contribution to the capital. The major decisions are taken, like in the case of the private limited companies, by the general meeting of the shareholders, but the daily decisions are taken by a board of managers supervised by a supervisory board (only if desired).

General partnership in Spain

It is only possible to set up a partnership if there are at least two members. The condition is also available for general partnerships in Spain. Partners have all equal responsibilities and rights, since they are all considered general partners. It is mandatory that a partnership is registered with the Spanish Commercial Register.

Sole proprietorship

A sole proprietorship is set up to allow an individual to own and operate a business by him/herself. A sole proprietor has total control, receives all profits from and is responsible for taxes and liabilities of the business.

If you are looking for a self-employment solution, you can start your activity as a sole proprietorIn Spain, Sole Proprietors are called autonomos.

As, almost everywhere else, a Sole Proprietorship is an unincorporated business owned by a single individual who bears unlimited personal liability for the business's debts. This form of business organizations does not require incorporation or commercial recording whatsoever. Filing with the Social Security Administration and the Tax authority is required.

New regulations (Estatuto del Autonomo) have improved employment related contigencies for autonomos increasing their paid sick leaves and loosening requirements to collect unemployment. Locals do not consider that enough and would like to see autonomos treated as employees.

Individuals doing business as sole proprietors should be aware that their personal assets may be taken from you. If you form a company, then only the assets of the company are at stake.

Sole proprietorships are an option when starting out and the individual is not ready to commit money for company formation and accounting. 

Which legal form to choose in Spain?

To date, Sociedad limitada (S.L. - limited liability company) is the most popular form of legal entity in Spain. It is a legal entity with limited liability, i.e. the company is responsible to the creditors only with the property of the company.

The process of registration of the company does not take much time and does not require large authorized capital. The company is quite simple to operate (as it does not require presence of the board) and is flexible in making important decisions.

How to Register a New Company in Spain?

Consultation: The initial phase of our cooperation is consultation, where you share your ideas about your new company. We will send you a form, which will contain all relevant information needed to prepare foundational documents.

Drafting documents: After we agree on the structure of your company, we start drafting documents. They will be sent to your email inbox, so you can check them over at your home. All documents are at your request bilingual.

Signing documents: Each document contains information, who should sign it and whether signature should be signed at notary. We will manage the apostille translation of the document, and inform you about any necessary steps.

Finalization of formation: After we receive signed documents, we require trade license and incorporate your company into commercial register. Afterwards, we ask tax bureau to issue tax numbers.

Handover of final documents: After we obtain all originals from court and tax office, we send you hard copy of all documents. Now you can start doing business in Spain. Upon your request we are able to send it to any country you ask.

In order to register a new company in Spain, you do not need to come to our office. You just need to send us your personal and contact information (including copy of your passport, current living place address, phone number and email address) to, and then our representative will contact you and specify what you should do next.

For Your convenience, after registration process will be completed all the necessary company documents, records and stamp will be at your hands within a month at the latest. The practice shows that this process normally takes 2-3 weeks. If you want to shorten the process time – then one-time visit to the notary to sign the notarial deed of the association will be necessary and on the same day you can come to our office and pick up your company’s documents.

We value the time of our clients. For this reason we take over all the obligations related with Company registration in Spain so that the clients can concentrate on making their business instead of paperwork – leave it to us.

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