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Our company is able to provide a legal assistance to you by establishing, registering and selling the new one or ready-made company in Slovak Republic, even if you are not in Slovakia. Such provided assistance will help you to save a time and money. We will start prepare all the necessary documents for new company establishment and registration or ready-made company sale in Slovakia after the client orders our services.

A limited liability company (S.R.O) is the most popular capital form of company in the Slovak republic. It is a kind of business form of company where the members guarantee the obligation of the company but not higher than the amount of a contribution of each member. The capital consists of the contributions from each member and an amount is specified according to law.
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Limited Liability Company in Slovakia , spoločnosť s ručením obmedzeným (S.R.O)

There are no major restrictions on the name of the company in Slovakia. It is only important that the name should not have been taken yet. Special conditions apply to the use of words such as “casino” or “bank”.

The minimum amount of the registered capital is 5 000 EUR, with the minimum percentage of the member at least 750 EUR. Unlike other countries, there is no need to place the registered capital at the company’s bank account. It can be paid up in cash. The maximum number of members of a limited liability company is 50. It is better to register a legal entity as a Joint Stock Company in case you need to have more members.

It is important to decide who will become the executive director of a Slovak company. By law, a citizen of a member of the European Union or the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development may become an executive director. Nationals of third countries may become executive directors only with a permanent residence permit in any EU country or a temporary residence permit in Slovakia. There are no quantitative restrictions for the number of executive directors.

Usually, all the directors act independently from each other. Nevertheless, memorandum of association may limit their actions in a way that, for example, directors should act together or at least two of the three directors should act together, or signatures of all directors might be required in matters exceeding certain amounts.

Joint Stock Company in Slovakia, akciová spoločnosť (A.S)

Slovak Commercial Code divides joint-stock companies into private or public. A private joint stock company cannot freely trade its share, unlike the public joint stock company (which is also listed on the European stock market). Most of the rules and restrictions relating to limited liability companies can also be applied for the corporations.

The minimum registered capital is 25 000 EUR, and it is divided into a certain number of shares – shares with a fixed face value. The market value of shares can often differ from a face value. Shareholders are liable for debts to the corporation's creditors only to the level of their investment into the company and shareholders have no right to demand the return of their investment from the company.

Joint stock companies are used in most cases when it is assumed that the number of owners will be over 50 or in fields of business that require higher investments or in cases when it is required by law. A joint-stock company may be registered by one founder if he/she is a legal entity, or at least by two founders, if they are individuals.

Sole proprietorship (živnostník)

Sole proprietorship is an authorized type of business that is owned and run by an individual person. This form of business is quite common in Slovakia and other countries as well. It is most often used in construction, beauty sphere and other forms of small business and it is managed by a single investor fully liable for the debts. His personal assets are also subject to claim in case of insolvency.

Sole proprietorship, comparing to limited liability companies, has certain advantages. For example, you may use single-entry rather than double-entry bookkeeping, you do not need to invest a registered capital, and the registration takes 7 days only. Moreover, comparing to standard employment relations, a sole proprietorship gives several advantages, especially in the terms of health and social security deductions.

Nevertheless, it must be noted that there are different rules for a sole trader with a permanent place of residence in Slovakia and all the others who have a permanent place of residence out of Slovakia, because they are regarded as foreigners. Consequently, almost all the sole trader’s advantages are not valid for foreigners.

Which legal form to choose in Slovakia?

To date, S.R.O (Limited Liability Company) is the most popular form of legal entity in Slovakia. It is a legal entity with limited liability, i.e. the company is responsible to the creditors only with the property of the company.

The process of registration of the company does not take much time and does not require large authorized capital. The company is quite simple to operate (as it does not require presence of the board) and is flexible in making important decisions.

How to Register a New Company in Slovakia?

Consultation: The initial phase of our cooperation is consultation, where you share your ideas about your new company. We will send you a form, which will contain all relevant information needed to prepare foundational documents. We speak English, Russian.

Drafting documents: After we agree on structure of your company, we start drafting documents. There will be sent to your email inbox, so you can check them over at your home. All documents are at your request bilingual. You can choose between Slovak and English, or Slovak and German.

Signing documents: Each documents contain information, who should sign it and whether signature should be signed at notary. You can sign this documents at Slovak notary, Slovak embassy or any foreigner notary but accompanied with apostille. Afterwards we manage to translate this apostille into Slovak language.

Finalization of formation: After we receive signed documents, we require trade license and incorporate your company into commercial register. Afterwards, we ask tax bureau to issue tax numbers.

Handover of final documents: After we obtain all originals from court and tax office, we send you hard copy of all documents. Now you can start doing business in Slovakia. Upon your request we are able to send it to any country you ask.

In order to register a new company in Slovakia, you do not need to come to our office. You just need to send us your personal and contact information (including copy of your passport, current living place address, phone number and email address) to, and then our representative will contact you and specify what you should do next.

For Your convenience, after registration process will be completed all the necessary company documents, records and stamp will be at your hands within a month at the latest. The practice shows that this process normally takes 2-3 weeks. If you want to shorten the process time – then one-time visit to the notary to sign the notarial deed of the association will be necessary and on the same day you can come to our office and pick up your company’s documents.

We value the time of our clients. For this reason we take over all the obligations related with Company registration in Slovakia so that the clients can concentrate on making their business instead of paperwork – leave it to us.

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