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Establishing a company in Poland may take up to 6 weeks! Especially when you organize everything personally. If you want to set up a limited liability company, and you have no knowledge of how to do it and how to proceed, so that the whole process goes smoothly and without unpleasant surprises, use help of professionals!

We are setting up the companies for foreign investors that intend to start their business in Poland. The lawyers of Legal Baltic have a broad experience in supporting foreign investors. This way, we know their expectations and know how to meet them.

We offer not only company registration in Poland but also provide assistance in opening the bank account, applying for Polish Schengen and national Visa & Residence Permit in Poland, finding the office and arranging the bookkeeping & payroll services.
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Many entrepreneurs decided to invest in Poland choose a SP. Z.O.O (Limited Liability Company) as the structure most suited for their business purposes. Like in many jurisdictions, this type of business structure is the most popular in Poland.

As a particularity, the incorporation of a SP. Z.O.O requires a minimum share capital of 5000 PLN (about €1.250), divided into non-transferable shares. At least one shareholder, one director and a registered office are necessary for company formation in Poland. The liability of its members is limited by their contribution to the capital.


If the investors have a higher capital and want a business that can increase its capital by registering its shares at the Stock Market, they can incorporate a Polish S.A. (Spolkaakcyjna – Joint-Stock Company). In order to do so, it is necessary to provide at least 50.000 PLN (about €12.500), for this type of company formation in Poland. The liability of its members is limited by the contribution to the capital.


Other forms of entities are the partnerships where it is compulsory for at least two parties to join in order to set it up. There are several types of partnerships in Poland such as the general partnership (where all the partners are liable for the entities actions equally and can split the profits among them) and the limited partnerships (formed by a general partner and a silent partner who has to deliver capital and has his/her liability limited by that contribution).

Which legal form to choose in Poland?

To date, SP. Z.O.O (Limited Liability Company) is the most popular form of legal entity in Poland. It is a legal entity with limited liability, i.e. the company is responsible to the creditors only with the property of the company.

The process of registration of the company does not take much time and does not require large authorized capital. The company is quite simple to operate (as it does not require presence of the board) and is flexible in making important decisions.

How to Register a New Company in Poland?

In order to register a new company in Poland, you do not need to come to our office. You just need to send us your personal and contact information (including copy of your passport, current living place address, phone number and email address) to, and then our representative will contact you and specify what you should do next.

For Your convenience, after registration process will be completed all the necessary company documents, records and stamp will be at your hands within a month at the latest. The practice shows that this process normally takes 2-3 weeks. If you want to shorten the process time – then one-time visit to the notary to sign the notarial deed of the association will be necessary and on the same day you can come to our office and pick up your company’s documents.

We will provide you full support in your company in Poland, taking into account all your individual requirements. Company Formation in Poland is provided under the contract in compliance with the laws of Poland. If you do not have an appropriate visa – we will make a business invitation for a Polish visa.

We value the time of our clients. For this reason we take over all the obligations related with Company registration in Poland so that the clients can concentrate on making their business instead of paperwork – leave it to us.

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