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We will be glad to help you start a business in Lithuania, even if you are not in Lithuania. It will help you to save time and money. We will start to prepare all necessary documents for company registration in Lithuania immediately, when Client orders our services. Find all conditions and process of company registration in this article.

If you have decided to register a new Lithuanian company and start your business in Lithuania with your desired company name (which can be only in Lithuanian or Latin languages), then it will take 1 week longer than buying an already established Lithuanian company. Such company is usually bought by a customer who has already operated business in his/her country and wants to set up and register businesses in Lithuania with the same name.

If you intend to engage trading in Lithuania, your company will have to have a VAT (value added tax) code, which is provided by the Lithuanian State Tax Inspectorate.
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Private Limited Company (UAB)

For the many reasons, foreign businessmen often open a private limited company (UAB) in Lithuania. One of the most important steps in the process of registration of a company is the choice of areas of activity of the company. A license may be required for conducting of certain activities in Lithuania. Therefore, this issue should be worked out in advance.

You also need to decide who will be the founders of the company. In order to open a private limited company, it is enough to have one natural or legal person, but anyway not more than 250 shareholders. The authorized capital of the private limited company is 2896 euros. This amount will be available for operation immediately after the registration of the company documents. It should be noted that the director of the company could only be a natural person. Thus, foreign nationals may be directors and shareholders with no restrictions.

Legal Baltic company registration in Lithuania, inclusive of share capital, registered address. So you just need to think of a company name and within 3-7 business days your company will be ready to operate.

Representative office or Branch

Registration of representative office of a foreign company gives to the entrepreneur a very limited ability to do business, because the representative office may not engage in commercial activities, but rather performs some other functions. However, in certain cases, registration of a representative office is justified for tax reasons.

In contrast to the representative office, the branch may conduct business but it is not a separate legal entity. However, before you register the branch you should consider the taxation carefully. Therefore, before you open a branch in Lithuania, you must weigh all of the above mentioned aspects.

Which legal form to choose in Lithuania?

To date, private limited company (UAB) is the most popular form of legal entity in Lithuania. It is a legal entity with limited liability, i.e. the company is responsible to the creditors only with the property of the company. The process of registration of the company does not take much time and does not require large authorized capital. The company is quite simple to operate (as it does not require presence of the board) and is flexible in making important decisions.

The individual enterprise can be an alternative for conducting small business, but unlimited liability is a serious disadvantage. For the same reason (the existence of unlimited liability for some members), full and limited partnerships do not seem to be very attractive. Public limited company (A.B) though has a limited liability, but is used mainly for larger companies as it requires substantial funds for formation of the authorized capital and a more complex management structure.

Small company is a relatively new legal form of the companies in Lithuania. It is a legal entity with limited liability. Although the creation of such a company does not require the authorized capital, the founder of the company can only be individuals; bookkeeping is easier than in private limited company only in some cases.

How to Register a New Company in Lithuania?

In order to register a new company in Lithuania, you do not need to come to our office. You just need to send us your personal and contact information (including copy of your passport, current living place address, phone number and email address) to, and then our representative will contact you and specify what you should do next.

For Your convenience, after registration process will be completed all the necessary company documents, records and stamp will be at your hands within a month at the latest. The practice shows that this process normally takes 2-3 weeks. If you want to shorten the process time – please come to our office and pick up the company’s documents on the same day.

We will provide you full support for your company in Lithuania, taking into account all your individual requirements. Company Formation in Lithuania is provided under the contract in compliance with the laws of Lithuania. If you do not have an appropriate visa – we will make a business invitation for a Lithuanian visa.

We value the time of our clients. For this reason we take over all the obligations related with Company registration in Lithuania so that the clients can concentrate on making their business instead of paperwork – leave it to us.

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