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Why Spain?


Spain is Europe’s second most mountainous country after Switzerland and is a perfect location for any organisation wishing to develop business in Western Europe. Spain has access to the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea with numerous large ports and a merchant fleet. Spain’s borders with France and Portugal encourage the flow of capital and commerce within Western Europe. The predominantly Mediterranean climate is also very attractive, with mild winters and hot and dry summers which encourage visitors and potential customers for many businesses.


Since emerging from international isolation during the Franco era, Spain has steadily become more active in international affairs. After the death of Francisco Franco in 1975, Spain gradually began its transition to democracy which has expanded Spanish diplomatic and security relations with the West. Spain has been an active member of NATO since 1982 and the European Union since 1986. Spain’s EU membership represents an important part of its foreign policy and supports the efforts of European political mechanisms. A stable political situation and diplomatic relations guarantee development opportunities for organisations doing business in Spain, and reduces the risk of potential conflicts and disagreements.


Over the last four decades Spain’s social and economic structure has changed enormously. Joining NATO and the EU established Spain on the international market and created good relations with many countries. Since joining the Eurozone in 2002 Spanish economic growth has been well above the EU average. Spain is the eighth largest industrialised economy in the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development). For the past five years, the Spanish economy has also experienced one of the strongest rates of GDP growth in the European Union which makes it the most dynamic within the EU. Also, in the space of 40 years the Spanish tourism industry has grown to be the second largest in the world. Spain’s economy is the ninth largest worldwide and the fifth largest in Europe according to the World Bank. Investors could hardly wish for a more advantageous business environment.


Spain offers many developing benefits for new businesses including low labour and transport costs. As a member of the European Union, Spain benefits from the transit of goods within the EU without unnecessary formalities, including exchange rate fluctuations and transaction costs. The European Union is very generous towards Spain with its structural and cohesion funds. Also the Spanish Government offers various incentives and flexible policies for developing businesses. More recently, the Spanish Government has pursued policies aimed at creating a welcoming environment for foreign investment.

The overall profile of Spain offers numerous benefits for foreign businesses including its geographic location and climate, stable government and economy and attractive development opportunities. Doing business in Spain effectively requires knowledge of the country’s business culture and its national mentality. International organisations interested in doing business in Spain would benefit from Communicaid’s Spanish language and cross cultural awareness training courses such as Doing Business in Spain to gain necessary insights into the Spanish culture and environment.

The choice of business in Spain depends on the applicants’ circumstances. Usually after the company is registered and before applying for temporary residence permit in Spain, to establish a safe and profitable business in Spain will be your first priority.

Legal Baltic experts will accompany you at all stages of starting your business in Spain or by buying an existing business in Spain or selling your business in Spain, to help you expedite and make the most of your affairs.

After immigrating to Spain and starting to live in Madrid or any of the other beautiful cities of Spain, to succeed with your new business, familiarity with new conditions and new rules and new market information is essential.

Our team has members from the Middle East and Asia, we can relate to clients from these regions. Usually when you contact a business start-up service provider in Spain it tends to be quite expensive and difficult to understand all the regulations. But our aim is to make your business establishment as easy and affordable as possible.

Why Legal Baltic?

Legal Baltic staff are able to provide customers with appropriate services according to their budget and facilities, due to having experienced international business managers and personnel as well as having a wide network in Spain with knowledge of the needs of the Spanish market.

In addition to this our staff assists you in market research, establishment of business and the selection of partners in Europe and concludes a contract with them for you.

You can benefit from the support of Legal Baltic from the entry point to the point of success and achieve your target market. The range of services offered by us, from establishing a small café in Madrid, Barcelona or different cities, up to the establishing a large industrial factory in the free economic zones of Spain or to run your own hotel in Spanish beach.
Therefore, for more information and advice from our professional staff, who are familiar with Spanish immigration laws and business rules, please contact us by email or telephone to provide the necessary guidance. After analysis your target market in the area where you are looking for we will provide work arrangements.

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