Business Startup in Slovakia

Depending on the different situations of the applicants, the choice of business in Slovakia depends on applicant circumstances. Usually after the company is registered and before applying for temporary residence permit in Slovakia, to stablish a safe and profitable business will be your first priority.

Legal Baltic experts will accompany you at all stages of starting a business in Slovakia or buying ready-made businesses in Slovakia or selling your business in Slovakia, to help you expedite and make the most of the affairs.

After immigrating to Slovakia and starting to live in Bratislava or other cities of Slovakia, to succeed in a new business, familiarity with new conditions and new rules and new market information is essential.

As we have in our team, people from Middle East and from Asia, we understand you better. Usually when you contact a business start-up service provider in Slovakia, they make it very difficult and expensive. But our aim is to make your business establishment as easier and affordable as possible.

Looking for the right business to buy in Slovakia?

Businesses for sale in Slovakia will be listed on local websites, in local magazines, and in local directories. By using the services of Legal Baltic agent, you will also be informed about businesses coming on to the market, and businesses that are for sale, but which are not publicized. Our agent will have many, many businesses on their books and will be able to guide you through the choices.

Buying a business in Slovakia is likely to be the biggest investment you ever make, so it goes without saying that the legal and financial aspects of buying a business are hugely important. Employ the right people, ideally a local accountant who understands the local market, and will be able to advice on the potential of the business, as well as the history of the business.

Work alongside your accountant to ascertain likely levels of competition, the real value of any good will attributed to the sale of the business, as well as how the business might be improved after purchase. Legal Baltic agent will be able to give you most of the information you need but remember they will also have an agenda - they get paid when the business sells.

Why Legal Baltic?

Legal Baltic staff are able to provide the customers with appropriate services according to the budget and facilities, due to having experienced international business managers and personnel as well as having wide connections in Slovakia and with the knowledge of the needs of Slovakia market. Also in market research and establishment of business and the selection of partners in Europe and concludes a contract with them we will be with you.
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You can benefit from the support of Legal Baltic from the first point to the point of success and achieve your target market. The range of services offered by us, start from establishing a small café in Bratislava or different cities, up to the establishing a large industrial factory in the free economic zones of Slovakia.

Therefore, for more information and advice from our professional staff, who are familiar with Slovakian immigration laws and business rules, please contact us by email or telephone to provide the necessary guidance and after analysing the Slovakian market in the area where you are looking for, Provide work arrangements.

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