Business Startup in Lithuania

Great business opportunities and good geographical position, membership in the European Union make Lithuania an attractive country for business and migration. Those wishing to set-up business in most countries of Europe should have large authorized capital. But in Lithuania for foreigner it is much easier to do business. Foreigner receives Residence Permit in Lithuania after the establishment of the company with minimal investments.

In the list of our services are not only such services as establishment of enterprises in Lithuania and sales of already registered companies. We also offer preparation of investment projects and sales of already established businesses, as well as preparation of business plans, marketing search and financial analysis of your projects.

Our team consists of not just specialists but real idea generators who are always ready to both consult you and undertake your project from the beginning to the end. We can also offer for your choice several projects already prepared for investments at any time.

As we have in our team, people from Middle East and from Asia, we understand you better. Usually when you contact a business start-up service provider in Lithuania, they make it very difficult and expensive. But our aim is to make your business establishment as easier and affordable as possible. We know what does it mean slowly by slowly in your culture.

Why Legal Baltic?

The list of the businesses for sale is constantly changing. Warranty is granted for all offers and a specialist, who will thoroughly teach you to work with a given company and business in Lithuania, is assigned free of charge for a month.

With a strong track record in assisting international consortia in proposal preparation, contract negotiation, and project implementation, Legal Baltic consults scientists, researchers and innovative companies in the area of EU research and project management.
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We thereby offer professional support along the whole life cycle of your just started business in Lithuania, from the very first idea to its successful completion. We not only provide solutions for your business but also help you to invest in an Enterprise wide standard.

We offer all entrepreneurs from all around the world, also the opportunity to consult your needs in more detail with us, drop us a line through Contact Us or simply via email. You may also call us to request our professional advice and to further discuss your needs.

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