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Why Latvia?


Since 2004, we’ve been enjoying all the benefits EU membership offers. Free mobility of goods and labor, no roaming charges within EU – you name it, we have it. In 2014 we also joined the Eurozone. Latvia is not only the very heart of Baltic States, it is also a point where West meets East. Riga International Airport is the largest air transportation hub in the Baltics – 3 times the population of Latvia travels through in a span of a year. The airport serves more than 100 direct flights, including those to New York, Dubai, and adds several new direct flights every month. The international bus and train transit is also comfortable, affordable and frequent.


Not only is Latvia ranked as the country with the 10th fastest internet worldwide, free wi-fi can be found almost everywhere in the centre of Riga, the capital city. The largest telecommunications company of Latvia, Lattelecom, has ensured an average of 3 free wi-fi connection spots per square-kilometre. Cherry on the cake: 5G is currently being tested! #cantwait.


Latvia really wants you – we introduced a startup visa and a whole Welcome Pack to support your business as you kick-off. We are keen to guide you through practical matters and mundane realities of daily life. With this idea in mind, we have started our own transformation towards becoming a startup one-stop-shop – Magnetic Latvia Startup – which will provide all foreign founders with nowadays concierge service. We are ready to hold your hand when you need us to.


We’re tri-lingual, well-educated, creative and we kick ass*s! Our startup talent pool is diverse by age, gender and nationality. Rumour has it, we are introvertish. Guilty as charged: we respect private space and reflect on life a lot. Doesn’t change the fact we make great friends with people worth opening up to.


We throw great startup parties like DFF and TechChill; we’re equipped with thousands of sqm of modern cosy offices and co-workings; we understand our internal market is non-existent and we think global from day zero. Start-up Association has your back covered, while Business Angel Network and PE&VC Association are working hard towards increasing the available pool of investments. We’ve witnessed several startups exit and we want more.


With 400+ solid startups in Latvia and growing financing opportunities, the market is far from saturation point and is responsive to good ideas. What does that mean? To succeed in Silicon Valley, you have to be a genius. In Latvia – at the moment – you just need to be very very good. However, as both quantity and quality of startups increase, this window might be closing soon. Act on it.


Short, yet hot, summers are known for open-air festivals, concerts and street food hang-outs – we camp and barbeque a lot during these crazy long days; romantic autumns drive us out of the cities to enjoy the variety of colours in nature, we drink buckets of tea, we savour time at opera and ballet, and lose a lot of umbrellas in the process; crispy winters smell like ginger-bread and hot-wine – we enjoy movies with friends, we make angels in the snow, we become sloth-like, we want to cuddle and sleepzzzzzzzz; the whole spring we only talk about summer, we prepare for the beach season and we kill ourselves in the gyms trying to lose all the winter fats. We then press “Repeat”.


54% of Latvia is forest; 33% of its border is a white-sand-pine-tree seashore. Come dip your toes in the serenity. Get lost in the woods, picking mushrooms and wild berries. Give your soul a make-over and witness your energy peak!
The choice of business in Latvia depends on different situations of the applicants. Usually after the company is registered and before applying for temporary residence permit in Latvia, to stablish a safe and profitable business will be your first priority.

Legal Baltic experts will accompany you at all stages of starting a business in Latvia or buying ready-made businesses in Latvia or selling your business in Latvia, to help you expedite and make the most of the affairs.

After immigrating to Latvia and starting to live in Riga or other cities of Latvia, to succeed in a new business, familiarity with new conditions and new rules and new market information is essential.

As we have in our team, people from Middle East and from Asia, we understand you better. We know what does it mean slowly by slowly in your culture. Usually when you contact a business start-up service provider in Latvia, they make it very difficult and expensive. But our aim is to make your business establishment as easier and affordable as possible.

Why Legal Baltic?

Legal Baltic staff are able to provide the customers with appropriate services according to the budget and facilities, due to having experienced international business managers and personnel as well as having wide connections in Latvia and with the knowledge of the needs of Latvia market. Also in market research and establishment of business and the selection of partners in Europe and concludes a contract with them we will be with you.

You can benefit from the support of Legal Baltic from the first point to the point of success and achieve your target market. The range of services offered by us, start from establishing a small café in different cities, up to the establishing a large industrial factory in the free economic zones of Latvia.

Therefore, for more information and advice from our professional staff, who are familiar with Latvian immigration laws and business rules, please contact us by email or telephone to provide the necessary guidance and after analysing the Latvian market in the area where you are looking for, Provide work arrangements.

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