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Why Legal Baltic?

Since 2010, Legal Baltic has provided integrated, tax, accountancy and company formation services to Spanish-based clients as well as foreign inward-investing companies and property owners.

Most foreign business people operating an Spanish company consider Spain accounting rules and taxation system simple and straightforward. Accounting and bureaucracy related costs are generally rather low in Spain.

We are multilingual and have broad experience in all sectors, from small businesses to companies listed in stock markets and international groups. Our consultants will accompany you on a day-to-day basis, enabling you to comply with Spanish regulations.

Legal Baltic can offer you full administrative support with our back office service if you don’t have an Administration Department in Spain. We will make you feel comfortable leaving your accounting management in the hands of our professionals.

If you are looking for a blend of personal service and expertise, you have come to the right place! We offer financial services to business owners, executives and independent professionals. Our experience is unparalleled, and our staff is committed to our clients’ success.

Working with Legal Baltic experts can help you overcome challenges and head for success. Accounting in Spain is triggered by filing requirements of the statutory financial statements, tax filing requirements and corporate law requirements.

Outsourcing: For smaller subsidiaries, it is customary to outsource the accounting in Spain, even if these belong to large international groups. We provide complete accounting and payroll services, prepare all tax returns – including international returns – and take care of related obligations such as the preparing and filing of financial statements.

In-house: Accounting is increasingly done in-house by own employees or external professionals, or at international headquarters, especially when direct insight into stock and debtors or an overall insight at the group level is required on an on-going basis.

Spanish obligations: Almost by definition, the accounting programs used are not fully adapted to the Spanish accounting scheme and to special Spanish tax Models. This, however, is not a problem. We can convert accounts from other systems, schemes or languages to comply with Spanish obligations.

Administrative support: Assistance with the preparation of your payment orders, the issuing of your customers’ invoices and the archiving of your accounting documentation, as well as the preparation of statistical reports required by the local statistical office.

To meet the law each company in Spain has to provide certain reports to the Tax Inspectorate, Social Insurance inspectorate, the Department of Statistics, The Customs Department and migration offices and so on. It is very difficult for a foreigner to manage accounting himself – you need to know Spanish language and law, legislation of the Spain, to understand accounting and bookkeeping principles and the requirements, have qualification of an accountant.

Failure to submit monthly or annual reports or failure to pay taxes in time will result in troubles with the state authorities. Therefore, each Spanish company must have its bookkeeper who will help to prepare and submit all needed reports to the state authorities, advice on what taxes you must pay, and helps to represent your company in the Spain Migration Department and other institutions.

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Expert advice

You will get unlimited help and advice from your dedicated accountant and the rest of the team via email, phone, live chat or in person.

Changing accountant?

We take care of the whole process for you and contact your current accountant for the information we need to register with Tax department.

Tax efficiency

Your dedicated accountant will provide tax efficiency recommendations to ensure you never pay more tax than you need to.

Deadline reminders

We send automated reminders for all of your return dates to ensure you never miss an important deadline again.

Pay monthly

Our low monthly payments allow you to spread the cost of your accountancy fees over a whole year, helping to improve your cash flow.

Accounting software

You’ll receive free access to clients section, which features automated bank feeds, receipt uploads, and more!

After registration of the company in Estonia, or in case you already have your business in Estonia, our consultants on business immigration to Europe will offer you accounting and bookkeeping management under special very attractive conditions. Our accountants are well aware of the tax system, the Standards of Business Accounting and International Standards of Accounting, so you can be calm about your company’s accounting.

We provide professional and reliable accounting service and treat all customers with the same respect. The cornerstones of our accounting office are customer-based flexible service as well as long-term customer relationships with companies representing different fields of operation.

Cooperation with us gives you the possibility to focus on what you do best. You are welcome to discuss the financial management services that best fit your company needs with us. Order bookkeeping services from us and you can stop worrying!

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