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Working with Legal Baltic experts can help you overcome challenges and head for success. Accounting in Slovakia is triggered by filing requirements of the statutory financial statements, tax filing requirements and corporate law requirements.

Accounting Services in Slovakia

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Statutory bookkeeping : Maintaining your books and records in accordance with local rules and directives, and preparing and filing all required reports and specifications (e.g. the annual financial statements and the annual report to regulatory bodies). The bookkeeping can be maintained using our accounting software or yours, from our office or at your premises, as per your preferences and requirements.

International management reporting : Tailored to your individual requirements in terms of formatting, currency, language, frequency and accounting standards (including IFRS/IAS, US GAAP, UK GAAP, and any other GAAP).
Consolidated reporting : Monthly, quarterly and yearly assistance in preparing output accounting reports and accounting reconciliation, including the reconciliation between statutory and (company or group) management reports.

Specific projects : Reorganizing accounting systems, assisting with the implementation (localization) of accounting software packages and establishing accounting control procedures.

Administrative support : Assistance with the preparation of your payment orders, the issuing of your customers’ invoices and the archiving of your accounting documentation, as well as the preparation of statistical reports required by the local statistical office and National Bank of Slovakia.
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To meet the law each company in Slovakia has to provide certain reports to the Tax Inspectorate, Social Insurance inspectorate, the Department of Statistics, The Customs Department and migration offices and so on. It is very difficult for a foreigner to manage accounting himself – you need to know Slovak language and law, legislation of the Republic of Slovakia, to understand accounting and bookkeeping principles and the requirements, have qualification of an accountant.

Failure to submit monthly or annual reports or failure to pay taxes in time will result in troubles with the state authorities. Therefore, each Slovakian company must have its bookkeeper who will help to prepare and submit all needed reports to the state authorities, advice on what taxes you must pay, and helps to represent your company in the Slovakia Migration Department and other institutions.

How Can We Be helpful with accounting services in Slovakia?

After registration of the company in Slovakia or in case you already have your business in Slovakia our consultants on business immigration to Europe will offer you bookkeeping and accounting management under special very attractive conditions. Our accountants are well aware of the tax system and the Standards of Business Accounting, so you can be calm about your company’s accounting in Slovakia.

What is more, the close working relationship we share with our clients gives us a better understanding of their overall financial goals. We are always available to spend time with you, so you will find out all concerning questions and information immediately, without any postpones. For your convenience, we provide all necessary company bookkeeping and accounting services in Slovakia, such as the following:
 Bookkeeping and accountancy management starting from initial documents and ending with preparation of financial tax accountability;
 Representation in all national institutions, as well as in private companies;
 Consulting on Slovakian tax issues;
 Analysis of company financial indicators and presentation of conclusions. 

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So, no matter if you are an individual or a company, if you are interested in accounting services in Slovakia, you want to know more details, just contact with us. And also, if you are concerned, does your company’s need accounting in Slovakia, or you have any doubts about that, do not hesitate, we will gladly consult you about any services we provide. All the conditions concerning bookkeeping services and prices, will be discussed during the meeting.

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