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Legal Baltic (Our companies group) has long term experience in business migration, Company registration or sell of ready-made companies, Accounting, consulting and different projects development in ( Spain, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia ) European Union and Schengen area.

We have many clients from all countries. Our company is ready to provide for customers with full support, starting with invitation to visit Spain, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia and assistance in starting business to receive residence permit.

About Legal Baltic

On our website you will find first information regarding some citizenship and residence permit programs. Nevertheless we are looking forward meeting you personally and to your inquiry.

The choice of a citizenship program or a residence permit program should be well thought, and consider several factors. At Legal Baltic we know that the choice made might have a dramatic impact on your life. Furthermore is such a step usually a one-time decision within a person’s life. Those are the reasons why we do not just sell a product, but a dedicated service to finding the right solution.

Legal Baltic represents real conditions for obtaining temporary residence permit in Spain, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia using experienced team of attorneys and consultants proficient in issues of applicants and considering widespread international communication. Legal Baltic team are professional in many language and are ready for answering your questions.

Legal Baltic business principle is based on simplicity. We strive to make clients cooperation with us simple and easy. Therefore, our employees render their time, work, attitudes and knowledge into particular benefits for each our client. Best proof of our good work is our satisfied clients. We are not looking to make money, we are looking to make business friends.

Legal Baltic Services List in Spain, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia

Residence Permit and Renewal

Residence Permit and renewal in Spain, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia

Schengen and National Visa

Schengen and National Visa Assistance in Spain, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia

Company and Branch Formation

Company and Branch Formation in Spain, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia

Accounting Services

Keeping control of your accounting obligations, both at home and overseas, requires access to experienced accountants. Our firm do provide accounting services. More than 10 years experience let us to do bookkeeping at highest quality and time

Purchase Property in Europe

Just buy a real estate in Spain or Latvia, and you obtain your 5 years Temporary residence permit in Latvia

Invest in europe

Legal Baltic offer preparation of investment projects and sales of already established businesses, as well as preparation of business plans, marketing search and financial analysis of your projects.

Business Startup in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia

Legal Baltic experts will accompany you at all stages of starting a business or buying ready-made businesses or selling your business in Spain, Slovakia, Poland & Baltic Countries.

Legal Services

Legal Baltic provides complete legal advice for who are planning to start their businesses and immigrate to Europe


How to Start?

On our website you will find information regarding obtaining Residence Permit in Spain, obtaining Residence Permit in Slovakia, obtaining Residence Permit in Poland, obtaining Residence Permit in Lithuania, obtaining Residence Permit in Latvia and obtaining Residence Permit in Estonia.

Also you would find information regarding procedure step by step and prices in the Catalog section.

So, if you are interested in our services, and you want to know more details, just contact with us. We will gladly consult you about any services we provide.

Sincerely yours, Legal Baltic team

Our Offices

  • Latvia : Strēlnieku Str. 9, Riga
  • Lithuania : A. Goštauto Str. 8-102, Vilnius
  • Poland : Staniewicka Str 14, Warsaw
  • Slovakia : Roľnícka 187, Bratislava

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