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Services in Belarus

From 2500 €

  • 1 possible way
  • Up to 2 months

Services in Ukraine

From 2500 €

  • 1 possible way
  • Up to 2 months

Services in Estonia

From 2200 €

  • 3 possible ways
  • Up to 3 months

Services in Latvia

From 2500 €

  • 4 possible ways
  • Up to 3 months

Services in Lithuania

From 1500 €

  • 4 possible ways
  • Up to 2 months

Services in Poland

From 1200 €

  • 4 possible ways
  • Up to 3 months

Services in Czech

From 3500 €

  • 1 possible way
  • Up to 2 months

Services in Slovakia

From 5000 €

  • 2 possible ways
  • Up to 4 months

Services in Spain

From 4000 €

  • 2 possible ways
  • Up to 6 months

Legal Baltic has nearly a decade of experience in business migration, Company registration, sale of ready-made companies, accounting, consulting and the development of different projects in Europe and the Schengen area.

Throughout our history of providing services, we have had clients from all over the globe. Our company is ready to provide our customers with full support, starting with business invitations, assistance during the process of employment in Europe and assistance in starting a business which allows the customer to apply for a residence permit.

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Our services at a glance

Residence Permit and Renewal

Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Spain

Purchase Property in Europe

Our experts assist you to purchase a real estate in Europe

Schengen & National Visas

Schengen and National Visa Assistance via ( Business & employment )

Invest in europe

Preparation of investment projects, sales of already established businesses, preparation of business plans, marketing search

Company and Branch Formation

Company and Branch Formation services in Europe

Business Startup

Legal Baltic accompany you at all stages of starting a business in Europe

Accounting Services

Keeping control of your accounting obligations, both at home and overseas, requires access to experienced accountants

Legal Services

Providing complete legal services for who are planning to start new life in Europe

Most common packages

Belarusian residence permit

-Our lawyers will guide you along the process of setting up a company in Belarus, this is possible with you present in Belarus or remotely considering you provide us with a Power of Attorney.

-We would gladly assist clients looking to purchase a running business in Belarus, providing available options depending on your demands.

-Once you have purchased or set up a business, you can apply at your local Belarus embassy in order to commence business activity.

-Your business will be reviewed after 12 months, given that your business is operational, you can apply for renewal for one more year.

Ukrainian residence permit

-Our lawyers will guide you along the process of setting up a company in Ukraine, becoming the director of your company and applying for Temporary Residence based on your business activity

-The process is straightforward and not time consuming

-We will simply ask you for a Power of Attorney letter in order to begin the process remotely

-Within at most a month – you will be the legal director of your company in Ukraine, on this basis you can apply at your local Ukrainian embassy.

Latvian residence permit by employment

-Being Employed in Latvia can allow a person to apply for a TRP through employment

-Bachelor Diploma minimum, and office related experience of 5 years

-Legal Baltic would carry out a market analysis in order to find you a suitable employer – after which a work contract would be prepared and invitation letter sent to you

-With the work contract and invitation letter you would be eligible to apply at your local Latvian embassy for a visa to travel to Latvia

Employment in Lithuania

In Lithuania we can offer employment for candidates based on three criteria:

  1. Employment for seasonal work or with qualification:
  • Seasonal work without qualification for up to 6 months.
  • With qualification for up to 1 year. Qualification certificate and at least 1 year experience in the last 5 years. Work permit must be obtained for 1 year from the labour office.
  1. Specialists (not high qualification) from the list of critical profession:
  • Tailor • Slaughterer • Butcher • Concrete worker • Electrician • Wide profile construction worker • Scaffold builder • Pasterer decorator • Isolator • Welder
  1. High qualification specialists
  • With bachelor diploma (not from the list of required specialists; office related job) not less than 1350 Eur salary and 5 years work experience in that field. Decision from Labor office must be granted. Eligible for blue card. Poland work permit will be obtained for unskilled jobs therefore no diploma or qualification is required.

Employment in Poland 

-Finding suitable employment in Poland is one the key services we offer to our clients.

-We would require your CV, Diploma and/or any certificates of qualification you might have

-Legal Baltic would carry out a market analysis in order to find you a suitable employer – after which a work contract would be prepared

-With the work contract you would be eligible to apply at your local Polish embassy for a 1 year work visa

Employment in Czech

-In order to find you suitable employment in the Czech Republic – all we would need at first is your CV and Diploma

-Within a couple of weeks will confirm available opportunities to you.

-All bureaucracy of registering at the labor office, obtaining necessary permits, will be taken care of by Legal Baltic.

-We will also assist you with accommodation – a prerequisite for obtaining the visa

Legal Baltic Services

The choice of a citizenship program or a residence permit program should be well thought out, and several factors have to be considered. At Legal Baltic we know that this choice will have a dramatic impact on your life. Furthermore such a step is usually a one-time decision within a person’s life. Those are the reasons why we do not just sell a product, but a dedicated service to finding the right solution.

Legal Baltic represents real conditions for obtaining temporary residence permit in Belarus, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech, Slovakia and Spain, using an experienced team of attorneys and consultants proficient in issues of applicants. Legal Baltic has a professional team ready to answer your questions in English, Russian and Persian.

Our business principle is based on simplicity, we strive to make clients cooperation with us simple and easy. Therefore, our employees render their time, work, attitudes and knowledge into particular benefits for each client. The best proof of our good work is our satisfied clients.will


On our website you can find information regarding obtaining a Residence Permit in Spain, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Ukraine and Belarus.

Also you will find the information regarding the procedures explained step by step with full prices in the Catalog section.

So, if you are interested in our services, and you want to know more details, just contact us. We will gladly consult you about any services we provide.


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Temporary Residence Permit Issued For The Purpose of Employment in Poland

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